• Caulking and Coatings Specialists in Vancouver, Canada
    Caulking and Coatings Specialists
    in Vancouver, Canada
    Cunningham Sealing Ltd. has been serving Vancouver,
    and throughout the Lower Mainland since 2006.
  • Caulking and Coatings Specialists in Vancouver, Canada
    We are an experienced company
    Specializing in Exterior &
    Interior Caulking
    and Coatings
  • Caulking and Coatings Specialists in Vancouver, Canada
    Our mission is to provide quality workmanship,
    and use material that perform at the highest
    level of integrity for our customers.
Exterior Caulking Specialists in Vancouver, Canada


Caulking is one of several different processes to seal joints or seams in various structures and some types of piping.

Caulking in Residential Home Renovation in Vancouver, Canada

Home Renovation

Cunningham Sealing Ltd. can help with your bathroom and kitchen’s sealing work. Our specialists can help you save money and time. We can do 2-part Epoxy Coatings, or liquid applied membrane coating, or redo your exterior caulking. Please that every ten years, caulking should be replaced as regular maintenance for your home.

Building Exterior Coating Specialists in Vancouver, Canada


Every year homeowners need to examine at a wooden or concrete deck or porch to see how the surface is holding up to deteriorating water damage.

Home Restoration Caulking, Coating, Sealing in Vancouver, Canada


Cunningham Sealing Ltd. can restore your paint, decks, and windows back to their original state when they were new, by replacing hardware, and re-coating / re-painting. Our restoration technique can help you renew the building. Our experience with restoration includes balcony membrane, window hardware, and crack chasing on cement building.

Our Latest Projects

Cunningham Sealing Ltd. has an active 10-man crew, and everyone has over 3 years of experience.
Cunningham Sealing Ltd. has worked with larger engineering companies in the Lower Mainland
including: RDH, Halsall, Morrison Hershfield, Levelton, and many others.

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Clients Testimonials

  • John Smith

    Home Renovation

    Jason did a wonderful job with the roof

  • Major building contractor

    Job Description

    Cunningham Sealings had always completed their contract in time and on budget.
    Jason is a pleasure to work with.

How to choose a caulking contractor?

It's never easy to find a good contractor. Take a look to see why Cunningham Sealing is the perfect choice for your next caulking or coatings job.

In order to find a good contractor, First you need to educate yourself. This way, you will have a deeper understand of the language the contractors use, and able to interpret any estimate that you receive. Second, you should check for contractor references and past experience. Third, make sure you have specific questions that you want answers from. An expert in the field will give you honest response.